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Harbour rates

For transshipment at Eurohafen Emsland, shore dues (so called "Ufergeld")
according to the valid port tariff as well as
loading/unloading costs (so called "Lade- & Löschkosten") are levied.

Shore dues ("Ufergeld")

The shore dues depend on the respective goods class and the transhipment volume. The goods are divided into goods classes according to the list of goods for transport on German inland waterways. The charge is calculated per tonne or part thereof:

Goods classPrice per tonne
Goods claas I0.45 €
Goods claas II0.40 € 
Goods claas III0.35 €
Goods claas IV0.30 €
Goods claas V0.25 €
Goods claas VI0.20 € 

"Ufergeld" as per § 2 port regulations (PDF - German language only)

Handling costs ("Lade- & Löschkosten")

Requests for handling and crane provision are to be directed to Eurohafen Emsland Umschlaggesellschaft.
The commissioning of own handling companies is not permitted.

Bulk material typeGoodPrice per tonne
FertiliserFertiliser2.72 €
FeedPeas2.49 €
Soybean meal3.52 €
Grain2.49 €
Building materialsGravel2.27 €
Lava or Slag2.27 €
Junk2.39 €
Big Bags6.23 €
Heavy goodsContainer670.00 €
per day of port activity
Container handling: on request
Heavy and bulky goods: on request

Tariffs from 01.02.2023 (PDF - German language only)

There is an energy surcharge of 0.10 EUR per ton from 01.02.2023 onwards.