Harbour plan

Please download the harbour plan in PDF-format here.


Eurohafen Emsland has 4 transhipment berths and 1 dolphin berth.

The port is designed for large motor vessels:

Length 110 m, draught 2.80 m, width 11.40 m,
carrying capacity approx. 2,100 t

Currently, only ships with a length of 95 m and a width of 9.6 m with a draught of 2.7 m can enter the Eurohafen. Within the framework of permits with conditions, ships with a length of 105 m and a width of 11.45 m can also reach the Eurohafen from the north. Container transports are possible in and out of the north in three layers.

The expansion of the southern section of the northern section of the Dortmund-Ems Canal will also make it possible for the GMS to pass through and thus also make the Eurohafen accessible from the south.