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52° 46′ N 7° 16′ O

these geographical coordinates represent the Eurohafen Emsland.

Location details

Eurohafen Emsland is located in the Emsland district of Lower Saxony, directly on the "Ems axis" running from south to north, surrounded by the highly productive cities of Haren (Ems) in the north and Meppen in the south.

The entrance to the harbour is located at river kilometre 176.6 km of the Ems or the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

Transport links

Eurohafen Emsland is centrally located at the junction of European freight flows, namely "Ems axis" (north-south link) and "Scandinavian line" (east-west connection).

The harbour has direct access to important motorways and the rail network. Road transports reach Eurohafen Emsland via the A31 - exits "Haren (Ems)" and / or "Meppen Nord", via the European road E233 with connection to the Dutch A37 and various federal roads such as the B70 and the B408.

A separate rail network in the port is connected to the Münster-Emden railway line of Deutsche Bahn AG.